WE NEED TO WAKE UP! Racism is still ALIVE, WHY? It’s 2020 – we are all the same just different skin color. So you decided you want to hate someone because of their skin color well that is the MOST stupid thing I have EVER heard. God asked us to love one another and what are we doing? We are killing each other.. we are killing each other with violence, our words, our expressions, and our ugly thoughts. BLACK PEOPLE AREN’T A THREAT! I’m tired of hearing “well what about white lives?” I’m white!!!! We have more privilege than any skin color. What matters is BLACK LIVES. We are losing our black friends to senseless violence, it hurts. My Husband is black, when we have kids our kids will be black. I’m terrified every time my husband walks out the door and I shouldn’t be. WAKE UP! Stop this.

This image speaks LOUD words. When someone does something bad, murders multiple people it’s a gentle arrest. If a black man is hanging out he apparently looks dangerous then lets kill him or slam him to the ground. It’s not fair. WE NEED A BETTER JUSTICE SYSTEM. It’s voting year, PLEASE get out and vote. Help our country, we need it. We won’t survive with racism.

Together we can stop racism, we can stop police brutality; however, for us to do that we need to come together as a country STOP hating each other and start loving and fighting for what is right. We need to get out and vote, we need to let our voices be heard. Please I’m begging you, help our black community.


Author: Becca

Hi! Welcome to my blog, my name is Becca. I'm married and from NC, I love Jesus, reading, blogging, baking, and binge watching netflix shows.

10 thoughts on “Wake UP AMERICA”

  1. Thank you for taking a stand. It’s disgusting that the racist behavior and police brutality is still a thing. We should be better than this.


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